• Kelly McRae

5 Benefits Of Outdoor Play For Kids

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Kids running outdoors
5 Benefits of outdoor play

1. Encourages continuous learning

Outdoor games help enhance children's learning abilities, especially independent play. Through exploration the child can be creative, feel confidence, use problem solving and learning what they are good at. They can feel more free than being confined to an indoor classroom.

2. Enjoyment for nature

Getting to feel, touch and explore nature first hand is important. By spending a lot of time outside children learn to appreciate the environment because they have firsthand knowledge of plants and animals. As they grow, memories of their childhood experiences give them more awareness and compassion to preserving these spaces because they understand the value of it.

3. Improves Health

Outdoor games are an excellent form of exercise for children. By increasing physical activity their energy and stamina get a boost throughout the day. Outdoor play helps increase flexibility, strengthens muscles and joints, and improves agility.

4. Helps develop Motor Skills

There are lots of different activities children can participate in to help their motor skills. Simple games like hopscotch can have a huge advantage in teaching these skills as it require hands and eye co-ordination, hopping, skipping and jumping. There are numerous objects in an outdoor environment which can assist in improving these skills. It is in their first years that are most important to develop and build on these skills.

5. Personality Development and Social Skills

Kids who spend time outdoors and play games with each other tend to interact effectively with other kids in contrast to kids who remain indoors and are isolated and withdrawn. Young children can learn valuable social lessons when they play with others, they learn important skills such as turn-taking and compromise. Outdoor play also helps them develop qualities like discipline, sportsmanship, and leadership.

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